Norfolk Arena Drift Team April Practice Day

A new month and a new practice day.  Once again the pits were full and tyres were smoking.  The sun was out but the wind was blowing, unfortunately that meant the dust was cutting.  I left that day with a severe cause of sandblasting.  This day was a shakedown day for many BDC drivers, to iron out kinks from their machines and to identify and outstanding problems before the first round  at Lydden Hill on the Easter weekend. Also it was the last day for the BDC newcomers to get the heads and cars in shape ready for the impending baptism of fire that the championship brings.  Also once again the hallowed concrete of kings Lynn was home to the Gymkhana event previously run this year.


Existing BDC car co-owned by the Cracknell Clan


The 70`s Disco Throwback Compact Hod Rod owned by Ben Rowland

Good luck to Ben this coming weekend in his BDC Kickoff @Lydden Hill

Norfolk Arena Drift Team on Tour

This seems to be a common venture for the Norfolk Arena Drift Team in some shape or form.  From visiting local tracks to different race formats.  Whether it be in the now famous Ford Pop 100e or the Classic Modified Cortina.  This time it was to demo the Pop and two fellow Drift Competitors at the famous Crail Raceway just south of Dundee.

It was a misty Sunday morning in March that the team arrived on the decommissioned Royal Air Force base.  It was truly an awesome sight.  The base has a historical preservation order on it which prohibits the building or removal of any of the buildings or contents, even a hole requires a written confirmation.  The decay of the buildings has just aged these hangers and barracks in such a beautiful way. The rust and wind ravaged paint has merged into patterns that gives them a unique character all of its own.


The above picture of the Ford Pop 100e was captured in front of one of the hangers for a photoshoot the day before.

The demos were performed in front of a crowd of fellow Ford drivers and owners from the surrounding Scottish cities, towns and villages all intent of displaying there pride and joy as well as putting in quarter mile times on the strip, for which Crail is famous for.

Malcolm “Fozzy” Foskett, Steven Donnelly and David Waterworth all gave their time, tyres and fuel to the crowd and then finale was a cameo by Minnie on the scooter of doom.



See the rest of the gallery here:

Kings Lynn Stars Season Starts Here……

Slightly different from the norm I agree, but Drift365 supports a speedway rider this year.  Two wheels I know but speedway if you didn`t know is my other motorsport following.  Might seem a bit strange but speedway has been a passion of mine for over 10 years and I following the Kings Lynn Stars speedway team at Norfolk Arena.  So with that in mind I decided to get the name out there by supporting one of the riders that I`ve known for the last couple of years.  Lewis Kerr rode for the Premier League and National League last season and due to the fast tracking rule change this season has been drafted into the Elite League.  Together with some big league hitters they as a team are pushing for the league championship.

For those that are interested they race at the Norfolk Arena most Wednesday nights.  15 heat format, 3 points for a heat win, 2 for second, 1 for third and 0 for last.

Here`s to a successful season.


February Practice Day & Gymkhana NADT

Yes the second event for this month, but this one had a slight twist, the second half of the day was a gymkhana event.  For those who are not sure what that is and the rest that do I apologise, its a dual car battle following a set course of turns and precise directions in order to find a winner.  This event however was not a competition but a bit of fun encouraged by the staff of the Norfolk Arena Drift Team.  A lot of the faithful decided to give this a go, not just in their drift vehicles but a few took part in their road cars.  The course was a series of gates and bollards that mirrored each other for the drivers to follow and for the simplest explanation decide a winner.  This ultimately was a practice event to provide a break from the norm and give a little insight into the world of pro-driving of the faithful.

Also we had a guest driver at the arena, a professional class 10 grasstrack driver by the name of Josh Hassell.  Together with his family they gave the hallowed concrete of Kings Lynn a burn and I must say he took to it just the same as the other drivers, not even missing a heartbeat.  The cart was powered by 2 GSX 1000cc bike engines, providing over 320bhp to the wheels.  Tyre smoke was a certain.


Also a first time visitor to the track was Mr Fozzy Foskett`s Ford Pop 100e.  A long time project of various parties concluding in the workshop abilities of Jim and a select few it breathed life on the track for the first time unknown to its owner.  Smiles were delivered as promised.


Norfolk Arena Practice Day Feb 2014 Pt 1.

The sun was shining once again on our little part of the country.  The drivers were eager as well to prove their worth oin the hallowed concrete of the Norfolk Arena.  The car park was busy with many a tyre change and I am always amazed by the dedication of everyone whether they are a driver, passenger or just a simple spectator.  Whilst the sun shone, I have to agree the wind was bitter and strong which caused a sort of sand-blasting effect on everyone.  With this being said the cars go out, wear out their tyres and come back in ready to do it all again.


It is always busy here and there is always time for help and a sharing of knowledge to others however small that maybe.  The skillsets are so varied and the drivers always seem to be willing to talk openly to each other as to the best routes of attack on the track.

Lots of twinning this time which on a personal note I love to see and as this time proved be part of, thank you to Mr Cracknell for the ride and Paul `Smokey` Smith for the close battle.  I asked him to be on the wing mirror and so he did.


One of my favourite places to hang around is the clipping point as seen above and as from this post I`m going to start a series that’s going to be CLIPPING POINT HEROS and every month I will post a picture of this months winner.  Starting with this one above.  Congratulations to Ryan King and Jon Cardy for this, you are this months Clipping point heros.


Once again the true Norfolk Spirit shines through to provide me with the best in grassroot drifting to photograph and show you all what a great place to be this really is.

All the best. G

Norfolk Arena Drift Team 2014 Dates to Remember


Dates for 2014
Sat 8th Feb
Sat 22nd Feb half day drift half day gymkhana
Sat 22nd Mar 
Sat 12th Apr to include evening gymkhana
Sat 10th May to include evening gymkhana
Sat 21st June to include evening gymkhana
Sat 5th & Sun 6th July CHARITY WEEKENDER!!
Sat 23rd Aug
Sat 13th Sept
Sat 11th Oct
Sat 8th Nov
Sat 20th Dec Christmas raffle,
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