Drift365 presents the D365 ClipChallenge & Twin Battles

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 Swaffham Raceway.

On the evening of the 31st October Drift365 supported by NADT and Cunninghams Autos bring the first ever D365 ClipChallenge and Twin Battles to the racetrack

These are in addition to the already popular RunTheWall events at Swaffham.

They will comprise of :

The D365 ClipChallenge

Entry £5

Booking through the normal channels of booking with Minnie @


From 3.00pm you can practice as much as you want but when you are ready notify a marshal and then you will have 3 laps to run, these will then be scored on 2 outer clips and 2 inner clips.

Be Lucky.

The D365 Twin Battles

Entry £5

Booking through the normal channels of booking with Minnie @


Once the days events are completed then the twin battles will commence. Like many national events these will be based on a top 16/32 (depending upon the amount entered) knockout battles.  All will be judged.

In addition to these 2 events race numbers will be implemented to clearly identify the individuals during the evening. To obtain your unique vinyl graphic for the event and race number(which will be assigned on the day) please use the email below to register your interest.  You must also remember to book with Minnie as normal and declare your interest in one or both of the events.

Trophies are awarded to the top 3 in both events on the night.



Also give this site a follow to keep up with all the news and views from all the sideways mayhem from the region.

British Drift Championship Rnd3 – Teeside Trackside.

Round 3 sends us north once again, the tarmac of the A1(M) beckons as the annual pilgrimage takes to the Teeside Autodrome.  From 2004 the expanded karting track has welcomed bikes and cars to its unique racing lines and once again the BDC is at home.  There for 2 days of sideways fun.

The usual suspects are in attendance with Pro Am on Saturday and the Pro class on the Sunday.  My second visit to professional competitive drifting having missed Knockhill due to some 51 degree sun stopping me from attending but here I am heart and soul.  The weather is hot and the visibility is clear. The wind is blowing in the right direction to clear the ever impending tyre smoke, mind you it never moves quick enough for the photographers.  The days run to plan, practice, qualifying rounds and knockout battles come wave after wave.  Never having been here before my targets were set low, footage and lots of it please.

The layout of the track comprises of the standard collection of bends, short, hairpin and one long sweeping right hander. Also the pits make up the rest of the track.  My thoughts that the track officials(NADT Management) using bikes didn`t factor in to start with but then after extensive track walks it makes total sense.

The practice sessions commenced with the heat increasing on both sides, trackside and in the drivers seats.  Smoke builds and tyres degrade.  Tempers flair and machines fail, all in a days work.  The V8 powered Laurel of Karl Farrer decided it didn`t like his choice of oil and promptly deposited it around three quarters of the active track.  Little did I know that I would be roped in to clear the mess, banger track management has taught me well.  Sweeps the invoice is in the post.


Track clear-ish, car fixed, Karl pushed through qualifying and onto a close fought battle with the white BMW Touring of Fraser Stark.  Unfortunately missing out on a place in the top 16.  Another well turned out competitor saw Jamie Owen qualify second in the Pro Am class.  His top 32 run saw him against a seasoned track specialist in Chris Smith. A win saw him move onto the final 16. That result concreted his permanent spot in the BDC Pro Am class for the rest of the season.


Battles were hard, smoke levels were high but the drivers prevailed, and Louis Geldart in the glorious V8 Geldy Interceptor took the well earned first place, over a gracious Slide Motorsports Matt Stevenson.


The podium was completed by complicated equal third between Martin Wonnacott and Bradley Walbank.  The corks popped and the fizz exploded to draw the closure to day one and the Pro Am Class.



Day two commenced the usual briefing followed by Pro practice.  Much the same as Saturday, the drivers always bring the noise, hard driving by all, “MAN-FOOT” as Sweeps calls it!.  The weather was dry and damn hot, whilst this always provides a great viewing spectacle for all heavily degrades the tyres.  Teeside provides some great vantage points for all to see and the crowds were out in force supporting their favourite driving stars.


Let battle commence.  Norfolk regular Ian “Bizz” Phillips found himself up against another Norfolk face Team Japspeed driver Paul “Smokey” Smith.  Paul progressed through to meet the Nissan GTR of Simon Perry.


A new build this year the GTR is still in shakedown mode but this doesn`t stop Mr Perry.  Lighting the tyres at every opportunity.  Another local lad Christian Lewis in the It`s a DRIFTlife Skyline was matched up against the BMW of Team MnM driver Jay White.  A successful driver progressed him through the top top 32 only to lose out in the top 16 to another Team Japspeed driver, Shane O`Sullivan.  Pro Am class winner Louis Geldart along with the other podium winners from yesterday qualified to run in the Pro class, battled hard but losing out to the Team Driftworks BMW E36 of Richard Grindrod.  His day was over in the next round to Nangkang Tyres Drift Team driver Mark Luney.


So the final battles inevitably came round, Michael Marshall`s E92 M3 BMW found himself up against Mark Luney and teenage superstar Jack Shanahan in the 700bhp S14 versus Matt Carter in his 650bhp Nissan R32.


Podium places went to Michael Marshall in first followed by Mark Luney, then Matt Carter with Jack Shanahan as the runner up.



Pro Am Top 5 Qualifiers

1 61 Adam Simmons
2 220 Jamie Owen
3 99 Tony Walker
4 28 Fraser Stark
5 52 David Egan

Pro Am Top 3 Poduim

1 62 Louis Geldart
2 60 Matt Stevenson
3 56 Martin Wonnacott

Pro Top 5 Qualifiers

1 61 Martin Richards
2 46 Jack Shanahan
3 28 Richard Grindrod
4 2 Micheal Marshall
5 74 Paul Smith

Pro Top 3 Podium

1 2 Micheal Marshall
2 6 Mark Luney
3 18 Matt Carter

Run the Wall Swaffham March 2015

In addition to this year the NADT will be out on tour with the Racequip name on Run the Wall. Although this is drifting this is oval drifting and it can be a little unforgiving at sometimes.  No show cars here I`m afraid just simple wall bangers although most don`t really do that at all.  There are the few that want to provide a spectacle but most are satisfied with keeping the car on the sideways angle and smoking the rear end as is required.


A bright day, but breezy lead us into a night of cool temperatures but all the time providing the drivers with full track time.


Team Badger, a Norfolk champion of the arena was in attendance showing their commitment to all and burning up quite a few tyres I suspect. Also the FWD Prelude of the NADT`s driver/instructor Tom Harden was being loaned out to most for a few laps and I`m quite sure that FWD stands for front wheel drive and not four wheel drift as demonstrated by Callum Peate.



The above F1 Brisca car shows that it isn`t always just attended by drift cars.  This V8 beast was being run in by its owner ready for the evenings racing elsewhere.

The next event at Swaffham will be the NADT on tour with Outcast Elite on the 25th April.


All the day events and an evening Run the Wall event too.

Classic Modified Swaffham Raceway Opening Season


The season opener is here for the Classic Modified Series at the Racequip Raceway in Swaffham.  It was a warm and sunny day(strange I know) on track for the  starting of this years season.  The crowd and track looked inviting and the grid was full of familiar faces, including the new owner of the Anglia. Simon Roose has joined the seasoned competitors this year in a well know automobile at this track, looking to show what he can do. This was oval racing Simon not drifting  but all the same well done for the first batch of races  and welcome to bunh of guys who really know how to entertain.


This years grid fills up as follows.

The above Ford  Anglia is driven by Simon Roose.

Jim Jinks – Ford Capri Mk2


Malcolm “Fozzy” Foskett – Ford Cortina Mk1


Robert Skipper – Triumph Stag


Simon Fixter – Ford Mustang


Mark Pointer – Volkswagon Beetle

8SC_0081 copy

Buster – Triumph Herald


Results stand thus:

Heat 1–  Mark Pointer

Heat 2 – Malcom Foskett

Heat 3 – Malcolm Foskett

Final – Jim Jinks

Heated driving, tail-gating and all the other descriptions that go hand in hand with these guys. It cannot be denied that they don`t give it their all.  From the pace car things look peaceful but don`t let that deceive you. When the flag drops it is race time. They are all friends at the end of the day, but all are obstacles on the track during the race.  Its like all motorsport, the winner prevails, but fun and safety are always relavent in these races.  Each car is similar in its setup, V6 engine and wide tyres but each driver is unique.  Some are true to their racing line others draft, but the majority race their hardest.  To be honest that’s all that the formula needs and is.

If anyone  wants to see these guys in action get to the Swaffham Raceway on the below dates and check it out for yourself, you won`t be disappointed.


NADT Practice Day v2.0 March 2015

The months pass and the weather is a constant reminder of that.  It is ever hopeful that it sets the standard to the day of Norfolk grassroot drifting.  Showings its dedication to the motorsport industry.  I talk about the stadium as a living, breathing, evolving entity for that is truly what it is.  Its ever improving identity is a breath of fresh (dusty) air that its owners are always proud of.  Whether the four-wheeled variety or just two, the stadium goes from strength to strength.  We say that the drivers are the heros on the track but the arena also must come under that status, for it is with its management and staff that t evolves at a rate that others struggle to keep up with.


Track time was at its peak this time, all the drivers got maximum seat time.  With an increase in laps and dry conditions comes an increase with tyre wastage.  This time round the blowouts were  abound, but this never ever deters the guys and gals from maximum enjoyment. Lots of new faces and old were in attendance with new and old vehicles, some I have to say looked like they were straight of the street.


This nice 350z was indeed sideways for the day, looking straight out of the dealers, ok with a slight wheel change, but never the less, it was full chat all day.

Drift-swich were in attendance proving their worth as always , twinning, tripling and trains seem to be the days business. Just a pity I missed the action, but it is now on my to-do list constantly as they never fail to show their worth.


Others just seem to drive their hearts out or cars whichever gave out first. Regulars like Richard Beesley were ever present in the Cossie Conversion, a four door to a two door with slight help from an Escort.


When the dust settles and the track closes for the day we can all say its a pleasure NADT for the time spent and work helping and teaching others. My lessons, well that’s another story, round and around so far and a few figure eights thrown for good measure.  Long may it continue.


NADT Practice Day Feb 2015


Another month, another days tom foolery.  It’s a visit to the newly named Adrian Flux Arena here in Norfolk.  Weather wise this is typical February fare, damp and windy, and a little chill but as normal this never deters the faithful from turning out in force to drift away the blues of the normal working day.  All were out again to hone their skills on the hallowed concrete, and to thrill the crowd with their antics as well as passenger rides which if you have experienced here in Kings Lynn will prove to you what an expertly run and maintained track and staff this truly provides.  The faces of the passengers always raises a smile on my face as well as those who partake in the trip.

It was planned that I take my part in these events back to basics, but like great ideas of all men this rarely happens and this time was no exception, but I planned to expand on my photography skill set to hope in order to get this websites following up to where I need it to be and hope that it provides the same feeling of fulfilment that it gives me.

With that in mind I still gathered the usual memory card full of hijinks that only this place can provide.  The smiles and sheer enjoyment from the drivers and passengers  is always evident here in Norfolk and I hope that it long continues.  This year is its 10th anniversary and will be truly celebrated on the 4th July with its weekender this year dedicated to another true hero of Norfolk, Mark Callf.  I can only say that I am honoured to have known this gentleman in my short career here, but it has been a blast.  I recently told this photographer that it was him I wanted to emulate, but I feel that he didn`t really believe me, and if he does read this blog then I want to confirm that it was his photos that wanted me to push the envelope.

Thank you Mark Callf for the untold history of what has been a short liaison but a memorable one.


Back to the event, cars, smoke and what is always a show.  All the regulars were in attendance, the staff, the drivers and all the spectators.  New faces are always welcome and encouraged here at the Norfolk Arena Drift Team.  Its always great to see the drivers, spectators and passengers having that first experience of the sideways lifestyle that we all follow in the drift scene. I can`t say the event was incident free but then that’s all part of the package that makes it so complete.  This helps the drivers and staff bind to make the days enjoyable and unforgettable.


As you can see we have all the bases covered with automobiles from the BMW brigade to the Jaguar and the Jap followers.  All will light the tyres and a moments notice and all will drive to the full extent of their chosen ride.  I only hope I can show you what I see in all these people and I portray an image that will want you all to follow this website and the NADT.


Above is a old timer of the Norfolk scene even though he is still young, Lewis Cracknell. A past BDC driver and still when he steps back in a car the smiles return.

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Thanks for looking in.