NADT Practice Day Feb 2015


Another month, another days tom foolery.  It’s a visit to the newly named Adrian Flux Arena here in Norfolk.  Weather wise this is typical February fare, damp and windy, and a little chill but as normal this never deters the faithful from turning out in force to drift away the blues of the normal working day.  All were out again to hone their skills on the hallowed concrete, and to thrill the crowd with their antics as well as passenger rides which if you have experienced here in Kings Lynn will prove to you what an expertly run and maintained track and staff this truly provides.  The faces of the passengers always raises a smile on my face as well as those who partake in the trip.

It was planned that I take my part in these events back to basics, but like great ideas of all men this rarely happens and this time was no exception, but I planned to expand on my photography skill set to hope in order to get this websites following up to where I need it to be and hope that it provides the same feeling of fulfilment that it gives me.

With that in mind I still gathered the usual memory card full of hijinks that only this place can provide.  The smiles and sheer enjoyment from the drivers and passengers  is always evident here in Norfolk and I hope that it long continues.  This year is its 10th anniversary and will be truly celebrated on the 4th July with its weekender this year dedicated to another true hero of Norfolk, Mark Callf.  I can only say that I am honoured to have known this gentleman in my short career here, but it has been a blast.  I recently told this photographer that it was him I wanted to emulate, but I feel that he didn`t really believe me, and if he does read this blog then I want to confirm that it was his photos that wanted me to push the envelope.

Thank you Mark Callf for the untold history of what has been a short liaison but a memorable one.


Back to the event, cars, smoke and what is always a show.  All the regulars were in attendance, the staff, the drivers and all the spectators.  New faces are always welcome and encouraged here at the Norfolk Arena Drift Team.  Its always great to see the drivers, spectators and passengers having that first experience of the sideways lifestyle that we all follow in the drift scene. I can`t say the event was incident free but then that’s all part of the package that makes it so complete.  This helps the drivers and staff bind to make the days enjoyable and unforgettable.


As you can see we have all the bases covered with automobiles from the BMW brigade to the Jaguar and the Jap followers.  All will light the tyres and a moments notice and all will drive to the full extent of their chosen ride.  I only hope I can show you what I see in all these people and I portray an image that will want you all to follow this website and the NADT.


Above is a old timer of the Norfolk scene even though he is still young, Lewis Cracknell. A past BDC driver and still when he steps back in a car the smiles return.

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Thanks for looking in.

Robert “ChairSlayer” Parsons


Rob was described by his friends as being a jack russell terrier on cat nip, a mad compulsive lifeliver with extra hot sauce and a shot of the cheapest tequila at the bar. As soon as he awoke in the morning there would be a giant bowl of cereal and a large bowl of sugar to be layered on as he chomped it down.

Rob in chair with rtp shirt

Rob was motivated in riding bmx and skiing but always pushed himself until he was hurt rather then too tired to continue. He’s the most naturally talented dude you’re going to meet. The imagination of a child, brain of a physics professor, and balls of a bull.

On June 5, 2011 Rob was involved in a dirt bike accident at the local track. Long story short, he came up short on a step up and ended up landing stiff legged. The force from impact when up through Robs body, breaking both legs, tib/fib and femurs, puncturing his lungs, and severing his spinal chord. After spending 6 months in the hospital battling his injuries and an e. coli infection on the hardware in his back, many people still believe Rob hasn’t changed much but is now focusing his energy in different directions. This energy is now being concentrated on the development of an adaptive motorsports program.

In the past Rob has driven mostly drift and skid pan type driving. He was pretty successful throughout the five years he was involved so he thought to himself, what better opportunity would there be to try his hand at building a unique car. He has taken a 180sx chassis and has built it to be a competitive formula D car. Instead of taking this car straight to competition he would use the car to host events and drivers clinics where others like himself can come out, learn how to drive a car again and slay some tyres at the same time. Oh one more thing, he built this car completely by himself in his garage.

LA-new livery

LA_rob with car

Robs statement “being able to drive again is one thing, but my true motivation for finishing the car has always been to get others like myself back behind the wheel. When the day comes that I can see the smiles and emotions from guys that thought their race car driving days were over will be the day that I’m truly satisfied with the build. I’d like to thank all of you guys in the UK for taking the time to read my story and support what I’m doing, I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you one day”


drift365 would like to thank all who have made this possible to bring the sheer courage of Rob to the UK audience, and hope one day to bring him and his unique ride to the British shores to slay tyres on this side of the pond.

Keep Drifting Fun

Since 2009 Joshua Herron and Will Roegge have been posting videos under Keep Drifting Fun. From their 30 minute grassroots documentaries to small bangers they have made a lot of drifting videos. Now they have a YouTube channel where they are going to be re-mastering and posting new work. Subscribe if we want, its good stuff.

Visit their blog and keep up to date with the American grassroot circuit.

NADT Practice Day October 2014

It`s that time again, days pass, weather fronts come and go, life moves on but to one goal.  It`s here, drift day Norfolk style.  sometimes I wonder if the stadium let alone the concrete know what`s going to hit it.  If the faithful drivers were painters the canvas would be the infill and the paint would be the tyres.  The only problem would the content, it would be the same every time.  Black ovals and a bleak outlook.


The faithful come here in droves every month willing to shed pounds, in a money sense and tyre sense, all in aid of furthering their skill.  New faces and old turn out consistently under the guidance of Minnie and Malx, as well as the team, not caring the outcome of their driving experience.  All this practice is controlled and monitored consistently during the day so it`s a safe place to be for all.  The drivers, passengers and spectators are all at ease at all times, knowing nothing ever gets out of hand.  The facilities of the arena are second to none, hot food and drink are always on tap, as well as a great family atmosphere the team and arena provide.  Coaching , supervision and encouragement are always present and the connection of driver, staff and spectators is for forever strong.  This is what makes their mission statement “True Norfolk Spirit”.


The weather was truly shocking in the afternoon but, no pun intended, this didn`t dampen the spirits of the drivers, the spectators was a different story.  All running for cover from the elements, the downpour was very hard and very strong.  The rain fell for about thirty minutes and the cars kept going throughout and Minnie stayed at her station directing the traffic, what a hero. The afternoon wasn`t without incidents but all were dealt with in a efficient manner to ensure full safety at every stage.

Some new faces and the regulars were in attendance and a few lessons were taught to the newcomers which is always encouraging to see.  All in all it was a special day as it is always and everybody always leaves looking forward to the next one. As well as myself.  This time I recorded live video footage and I have edited together just to give a small insight into what happens at the track.  Enjoy.


NADT on Tour, Outcast Elite & Racequip do Swaffham.

Outcast Elite And Racequip Run The Wall. 27th September 2014


It seems now that this is a regular occurance for the team to take a drive to distant shores (well Swaffham) and ply their smokey trade elsewhere. With the help of car club Outcast Elite and Racequip Raceway we have once again show the worth of their course in this region. Light the fires and smoke the tyres is the mission statement of the team, and once again they never fail to deliver that tag line.


The day consisted of static car shows, competitions and demos all provided by either the club of team with the assistance of the many formulas that attend the track regulary. Whether is was the classic modifieds, late 60s and early 70s cars modifed to track standards all powered by V8s, Ninja Karts, small 5.5 horsepower karts driven by as young as 6, Junior Rods, street cars with rollcages and single seat conversions and V6 Hot Rods, a retro class being revived, fibre-glassed shells and custom chassis all powered by a standard V6. This with the addition of hot laps of road legal cars and passenger rides in a Classic Modified Mustang and the now famous Fozzy 100e Pop or as it now known as Retro Steve, all made for a brilliant day of entertainment in aid of the CDH Uk charity chosen by the Outcasts Elite Car Club.

Results of Competitions.

Show and Shine

Winner Taz Loxton

2nd Jim Jinks

3rd Bradley Russell

Driver Skill

Winner Pete Haddon

Loudest Exhaust

Winner Robert Skipper

2nd Pete Haddon

3rd Chris Pluck

The evening however, was the usual high standard of driving skills that is so expected of The Norfolk faithful. The lineup was full the cars ready and fuelled, tyres were fitted and the smoke came thick and fast. Almost too thick at times but the day crowds stayed and viewed in the skills of the faithful, as well as the incidents though unexpected but always not far away. Hard chargers are always on show at Swaffham an once again it never fails to disappoint.


 A certain green Mazda MX5 springs to mind, however many knocks it took it still kept coming back for more, until that final love tap and its days were numbered. All credit to the driver, he never failed to keep reviving the green beast from the jaws of defeat and whether it was a tap or engine failure, a small amount of fetling and it was alive once more to battle the oval. A night that gained him the Hard Charger Trophy for the evening. Also the ever present Status:Slide gang were in attendance. A certain Ben the Beer Pull, Stu and Jonny the Octopus were  behind their retrospective wheels wasting fuel and rubber as we have come to know and respect. They amoungst others, gained the honours of wall tappers that they although not trained in seem well and truly versed in.


A certain BDC honoured driver was also in attendance by the name of Ben Rowland with his highly skilled offspring Josh, who I have to say is probably the most naturaly gifted young drifters I have ever seen. Although it was the second placed Semi Pro BDC driver that eventually ended the evening for him by a coming together that had an unexpected result, a spat propshaft resulted in a early bath for the dreaded Mpact for that trip out, but thanks to Jonny the Octopus and free drive to finish the night off.


Another BDC regular was there by the name of Lewis Mitchell, not in his S14, but in is apatly named Missle. He set his target on every lap leaving a little more of his car on the wall, but just enough to get a rub and not an impact. This guy revals in drifting fun and always has the skills to control his missle wherever it is on the track.


Another faithful Norfolk driver Dale Hunt was also in his Merc Missle and was hell bent of leaving as much fibreglass with Swaffham, although I must say this car is rather like a cockroach and not a missle, it can never be destroyed. Even the last laps of the day it refused to give up and the only damage was a worn clutch and a feathered rear bumper.

The day all in all was a first but not a last event for the NADT and Outcasts Elite with another planned for later in the year, The charity was the ultimate winner of the day and gratefully richer for the experience.

My attendance was purely fun and an education. Consider the bug has been bitten and i`ll be back, not sure when but soon and ready for another unhealthy dose of smoke and de-lam.

Norfolk Drift Team Charity Weekender 2014

So here we are again, its been and gone, and what can I say.  Wow, what a huge success that was, but what a catalogue of weather and emotions it was.  From wind and rain to beautiful sunshine and dust, but I wouldn`t change it for the world.  Just to be a small part of it was a honour.

The day started as it usually does at these events wet and lively, but this never deters the drivers from coming out to once again took to the hallowed concrete of the Norfolk Arena and showed their skills to all who gave their time to watch.  The days events took shape in the form a usual practice day but later it would turn into the Kings Of Lynn Drift Battle.  The pro drifters were invited to compete in three formats from the 4nations, the retro drifters and the great8 battles.


Steven Donnelly, our northern cousin never fails to impress. Always giving his time and never ever misses a beat.  A true gentleman.

The night continued along nicely with the elimination heats of the great8 until the final loomed.

This year the honours were taken by Lewis Cracknell


The main treason for this years event was as normal to raise funds for our chosen charity.  This year was The Guide Dogs for the Blind Kings Lynn Branch and I can happily say that the total is in and it raised a whopping £2709.  As Malcolm Fozzy Foskett would say its all about the family of Norfolk Arena that makes this all possible and I whole heartedly agree.  Without the pro drivers, grassroot drivers, the passengers, the spectators and all who attended and put their hands in their pockets this would have never happened.


Ian Bizz Phillips, one of the pro drivers in his brand new 350z powered by a chevy v8. This car had very little run in time but the skill set of Ian proved that was a little problem.


Ross Gregory in his own custom built Nissan proved to be a fan favourite.


Gary Hughes in his retro Ford Sierra showing that you don`t need to drive Jap to go sideways.

The event went without a hitch and all thanks go to the staff of the NADT that always carry the load of what proved to be the best yet.

On another note, the local BBC radio station interviewed Malcolm Foskett and Matt Hitchcock for a motorsport program, that can be listened again here for the next seven days.