NADT Practice Day October 2013 Report


The weather report said rain but that never has and I`m sure never will deter the faithful from the Norfolk Arena.  The weather gods(and Malx) made sure that the heavens didn`t open until the track was thoroughly dry and re-laid with a heavy coating of tyre rubber, which was at the end of the day.

The day broke with a chill in the air as the drivers arrived in the pits.  The briefing was as always delivered by the hostess with the mostess Minnie and the team without a care in the world off they went.  Forty seven people signed on and with that they attacked the concrete and a day of skill and smoke was off and running. On a personal note I am constantly amazed by the skill and commitment these guys and girls have. Malx and Minnie have blazed a trail across the Norfolk Arena that not many can follow, and with a trusted band of friends they have set a standard that is always high and will never be beaten.

Here is a select few of the driver and cars of the day.

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The next practice day is scheduled for the 23rd November 2013, see you there.


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