Snetterton Drift Day 03/11/13


What a day, slightly windy, ok very windy, and then a sharp dump of rain, but that didn`t dampen the spirits of the many who turned out to drift the 100 track of Snetterton Circuit.  I am very impressed with the setup of the circuit, very professional officials and marshals, all making the day worthwhile.  Snaps a plenty and smoke delivered as always whenever I turn up.  Thank you to all the drifters and spectators.  Big thanks to Pete Bell for the invite. Short and sweet this time but more to come, next week is ItsaDRIFTlife practice day in Skegness.  Lets hope this ones a little dryer. See you soon. G



One thought on “Snetterton Drift Day 03/11/13

  1. nice to see Pete back running again at Snetterton, all these track days should be cherished and well supported to enable the guys to keep them running, well done for organisation at a major race track, never easy.

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