It`s a DRIFTlife Practice Day

its a driftlife logo

Sunday 17th November 2013

Skegness on a sunny day it isn`t but fine it is and a smoky to boot. 20 ish cars ran the wall on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in autumn. Minor causalities left their mark on the barriers, but with the help of fellow drifters all was put right and out they went again.


It`s a driftlife practice day at Skegness stadium was out for its first run of this year and it certainly didn`t fail to deliver on the occasion.  A small outing for its first attempt but never judge a drifting event by its smokey day.  This can only get bigger and better as it grows with I can assure you if you run it they will smoke `em.  Slightly moist in its opening, the track quickly dried and tyres regularly let go, all you might say when I wasn’t close. Matt and Christian have toiled hard to provide a venue and this seems to be the one for them and the more they put on the more people will come, both drivers and spectators. Its was a good turnout of spectators simply out for a drive or coming here for the event.

For my first visit I was welcomed warmly and allowed the run of the stadium, and for that I am grateful. All in all it was a great day for everyone, drivers, passengers, organisers and spectators.  Long may it continue, there is a whisper of trying to squeeze one in before Christmas.


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