Norfolk Arena Practice Day The First of the Year!!

Usually January brings the dreaded white stuff to bring that certain frosty chill to the air, but, not this time.  The drift gods were happy and as they say, chance favours the brave, so that sideways loving crew took every opportune moment to destroy tyres as they always do.


It always amazes me how many people come to Norfolk just to enjoy the day, whether it be to drive, be a passenger of just to watch, and this one was high on my list of well attended days.  Whenever these dates go up online they are always fully within a matter of hours with long waiting lists.  This never deters the faithful from still coming to watch.  Over the past two years I have been accepted as part of the scene, never a driver, just one of those faces who supports and helps any who need it.  I have made friends very good ones and I will never forget the faith they have placed in me to portray their practice days by this blog as well as other formats.  I hope that I can continue to promote the NADT so that others that take the time to read these blogs can understand what it means to them(as well as myself) and the sprit that is always around on the track or in the pits.

On a lighter note it was the best feeling to welcome Malcolm Fozzy Foskett back to the fold from a long standing break, his guidance and support to the drivers and friends is just the best feeling anyone can get in a car going sideways.  Minnie has always been that little shining light that slips under the radar and I`m sure it would be amiss of me not to say thank you to her.  For she is also the life blood of these days. She is one of many who without their mere attendance would make this day seem just not the same. Sam, Callum, Sian, Ammo, Sorrell and Ash all just fit in and make the day what they are, plain fun and smoky enjoyment.

It was nice to see some new faces as well as the older ones.  It was also a nice welcome back to the Volvo beast that was Marc Huxley`s BDC barge, all be it with its new owner, Max Milwain.  He will continue the legacy of quality tyre action in this monster of a vehicle.

1488165_613750278661747_787216932_n1546093_613751801994928_335284148_nLots of twinning action on the day as well. The Cracknell  clan always show their worth whether its father or son behind the wheel they constantly provide action for me to capture.  This time it was with  PezandTom Mchaffy.

The rest of the day photos can be seen here:

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