February Practice Day & Gymkhana NADT

Yes the second event for this month, but this one had a slight twist, the second half of the day was a gymkhana event.  For those who are not sure what that is and the rest that do I apologise, its a dual car battle following a set course of turns and precise directions in order to find a winner.  This event however was not a competition but a bit of fun encouraged by the staff of the Norfolk Arena Drift Team.  A lot of the faithful decided to give this a go, not just in their drift vehicles but a few took part in their road cars.  The course was a series of gates and bollards that mirrored each other for the drivers to follow and for the simplest explanation decide a winner.  This ultimately was a practice event to provide a break from the norm and give a little insight into the world of pro-driving of the faithful.

Also we had a guest driver at the arena, a professional class 10 grasstrack driver by the name of Josh Hassell.  Together with his family they gave the hallowed concrete of Kings Lynn a burn and I must say he took to it just the same as the other drivers, not even missing a heartbeat.  The cart was powered by 2 GSX 1000cc bike engines, providing over 320bhp to the wheels.  Tyre smoke was a certain.


Also a first time visitor to the track was Mr Fozzy Foskett`s Ford Pop 100e.  A long time project of various parties concluding in the workshop abilities of Jim and a select few it breathed life on the track for the first time unknown to its owner.  Smiles were delivered as promised.



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