Norfolk Arena Drift Team April Practice Day

A new month and a new practice day.  Once again the pits were full and tyres were smoking.  The sun was out but the wind was blowing, unfortunately that meant the dust was cutting.  I left that day with a severe cause of sandblasting.  This day was a shakedown day for many BDC drivers, to iron out kinks from their machines and to identify and outstanding problems before the first round  at Lydden Hill on the Easter weekend. Also it was the last day for the BDC newcomers to get the heads and cars in shape ready for the impending baptism of fire that the championship brings.  Also once again the hallowed concrete of kings Lynn was home to the Gymkhana event previously run this year.


Existing BDC car co-owned by the Cracknell Clan


The 70`s Disco Throwback Compact Hod Rod owned by Ben Rowland

Good luck to Ben this coming weekend in his BDC Kickoff @Lydden Hill


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