NADT Practice Day May 2014 & ODC East of England.

As regular as clockwork here we are again.  The day and track started out wet and chilly but lady luck was on our side once again.  The track dried out quickly and everyone set to the track with gusto.  The regulars were in attendance together with some new faces all eager to prove their worth on the concrete of Kings Lynn.  Six laps of the track back to the pits and then onto the pit line up ready to go again.  This is the lot of the drivers and passengers of the Norfolk Arena Drift Team. As the track dried out the tyre smoke levels grew and so did the dust.  The breeze that seems common here at the track can make the dust seem a bit of an annoyance but its soon forgotten when the action levels grow.


Nick Gillott gets his entry perfect into the first corner.

This time added to the day was regional heats for the Open Drift Championship, which allows grassroots drivers to compete against the rest of the country without travelling it.  Several drivers decided to give it a go and as per the rules you can have as many practice laps as you want but once you decide to go for it you only get three laps all of which are marked.  These marks then go off to ODC HQ for them to process.


This the first clipping point of the lap, as you can see the next few pictures illustrate how close everyone got.


All gave it their best efforts.



Phil Cracknell getting it spot on nearly both wheels in the box!!


Josh Phillips, not bad at all.

Soon it will be the Charity Weekender. DO NOT MISS OUT!


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