NADT vrs BDC @the Nationals 2014 Show Report

As strange as it seems this blog is not really a show report as I saw very little of the show.  Now that was not any bodies fault but my own.  The whole weekend was spent helping passengers get their jollies from a ride in a professional British Drift Championship drift car. The days were heaped with smoke and sounds that are common with drift cars giving all their worth, shredding tyres left right and centre.

It was common that knowing the weather in East Anglia it was to be the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  Saturday was a mix of intense rain and warm spells that whilst soaking you to the skin allowed the sun then to dry you 90% and then the heavens would open again bringing you full circle to a 100% sodden state that only a deep sea diver would normally experience.  It would be easier to wear a wetsuit and a pair of waders.  Now Sunday was as I said completely the other end of the weather spectrum.  Intense sunshine that baked the concrete dry worthy of the tyre-killer devil himself.


The boss admits that possibly this drifting lark is loud, noisy and smoky.


Team MnM all out in the sun.  Glorious.  It was these guys that made my weekend, and few trips around the oval, the question was asked ” fancy a bit of fun?” and the smoke generators were turned up to 11.


Christian Lewis in the It`s a DRIFTlife car turned out(sideways).


A sweet view of Lee Barry, one of the Team MnM drivers showing lock.

At the end of the two days over 500 passengers had the experience of a BDC car ride.  Cars and drivers all provided the highest of driving standards and never missed a beat.  I have to say a big thank you to the staff of the Norfolk Arena Drift Team, Malcolm, Minnie, Sian, Ammo and Sorrell, they made my experience of the days one to remember, not only from the drivers but the weather and company. Also the BDC for allowing the drivers to show off in their tasty rides and the drivers themselves, for without these people this would never have been the success that it was. Thank you all.




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