NADT on Tour, Outcast Elite & Racequip do Swaffham.

Outcast Elite And Racequip Run The Wall. 27th September 2014


It seems now that this is a regular occurance for the team to take a drive to distant shores (well Swaffham) and ply their smokey trade elsewhere. With the help of car club Outcast Elite and Racequip Raceway we have once again show the worth of their course in this region. Light the fires and smoke the tyres is the mission statement of the team, and once again they never fail to deliver that tag line.


The day consisted of static car shows, competitions and demos all provided by either the club of team with the assistance of the many formulas that attend the track regulary. Whether is was the classic modifieds, late 60s and early 70s cars modifed to track standards all powered by V8s, Ninja Karts, small 5.5 horsepower karts driven by as young as 6, Junior Rods, street cars with rollcages and single seat conversions and V6 Hot Rods, a retro class being revived, fibre-glassed shells and custom chassis all powered by a standard V6. This with the addition of hot laps of road legal cars and passenger rides in a Classic Modified Mustang and the now famous Fozzy 100e Pop or as it now known as Retro Steve, all made for a brilliant day of entertainment in aid of the CDH Uk charity chosen by the Outcasts Elite Car Club.

Results of Competitions.

Show and Shine

Winner Taz Loxton

2nd Jim Jinks

3rd Bradley Russell

Driver Skill

Winner Pete Haddon

Loudest Exhaust

Winner Robert Skipper

2nd Pete Haddon

3rd Chris Pluck

The evening however, was the usual high standard of driving skills that is so expected of The Norfolk faithful. The lineup was full the cars ready and fuelled, tyres were fitted and the smoke came thick and fast. Almost too thick at times but the day crowds stayed and viewed in the skills of the faithful, as well as the incidents though unexpected but always not far away. Hard chargers are always on show at Swaffham an once again it never fails to disappoint.


 A certain green Mazda MX5 springs to mind, however many knocks it took it still kept coming back for more, until that final love tap and its days were numbered. All credit to the driver, he never failed to keep reviving the green beast from the jaws of defeat and whether it was a tap or engine failure, a small amount of fetling and it was alive once more to battle the oval. A night that gained him the Hard Charger Trophy for the evening. Also the ever present Status:Slide gang were in attendance. A certain Ben the Beer Pull, Stu and Jonny the Octopus were  behind their retrospective wheels wasting fuel and rubber as we have come to know and respect. They amoungst others, gained the honours of wall tappers that they although not trained in seem well and truly versed in.


A certain BDC honoured driver was also in attendance by the name of Ben Rowland with his highly skilled offspring Josh, who I have to say is probably the most naturaly gifted young drifters I have ever seen. Although it was the second placed Semi Pro BDC driver that eventually ended the evening for him by a coming together that had an unexpected result, a spat propshaft resulted in a early bath for the dreaded Mpact for that trip out, but thanks to Jonny the Octopus and free drive to finish the night off.


Another BDC regular was there by the name of Lewis Mitchell, not in his S14, but in is apatly named Missle. He set his target on every lap leaving a little more of his car on the wall, but just enough to get a rub and not an impact. This guy revals in drifting fun and always has the skills to control his missle wherever it is on the track.


Another faithful Norfolk driver Dale Hunt was also in his Merc Missle and was hell bent of leaving as much fibreglass with Swaffham, although I must say this car is rather like a cockroach and not a missle, it can never be destroyed. Even the last laps of the day it refused to give up and the only damage was a worn clutch and a feathered rear bumper.

The day all in all was a first but not a last event for the NADT and Outcasts Elite with another planned for later in the year, The charity was the ultimate winner of the day and gratefully richer for the experience.

My attendance was purely fun and an education. Consider the bug has been bitten and i`ll be back, not sure when but soon and ready for another unhealthy dose of smoke and de-lam.


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