Robert “ChairSlayer” Parsons


Rob was described by his friends as being a jack russell terrier on cat nip, a mad compulsive lifeliver with extra hot sauce and a shot of the cheapest tequila at the bar. As soon as he awoke in the morning there would be a giant bowl of cereal and a large bowl of sugar to be layered on as he chomped it down.

Rob in chair with rtp shirt

Rob was motivated in riding bmx and skiing but always pushed himself until he was hurt rather then too tired to continue. He’s the most naturally talented dude you’re going to meet. The imagination of a child, brain of a physics professor, and balls of a bull.

On June 5, 2011 Rob was involved in a dirt bike accident at the local track. Long story short, he came up short on a step up and ended up landing stiff legged. The force from impact when up through Robs body, breaking both legs, tib/fib and femurs, puncturing his lungs, and severing his spinal chord. After spending 6 months in the hospital battling his injuries and an e. coli infection on the hardware in his back, many people still believe Rob hasn’t changed much but is now focusing his energy in different directions. This energy is now being concentrated on the development of an adaptive motorsports program.

In the past Rob has driven mostly drift and skid pan type driving. He was pretty successful throughout the five years he was involved so he thought to himself, what better opportunity would there be to try his hand at building a unique car. He has taken a 180sx chassis and has built it to be a competitive formula D car. Instead of taking this car straight to competition he would use the car to host events and drivers clinics where others like himself can come out, learn how to drive a car again and slay some tyres at the same time. Oh one more thing, he built this car completely by himself in his garage.

LA-new livery

LA_rob with car

Robs statement “being able to drive again is one thing, but my true motivation for finishing the car has always been to get others like myself back behind the wheel. When the day comes that I can see the smiles and emotions from guys that thought their race car driving days were over will be the day that I’m truly satisfied with the build. I’d like to thank all of you guys in the UK for taking the time to read my story and support what I’m doing, I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you one day”


drift365 would like to thank all who have made this possible to bring the sheer courage of Rob to the UK audience, and hope one day to bring him and his unique ride to the British shores to slay tyres on this side of the pond.


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