NADT Practice Day Feb 2015


Another month, another days tom foolery.  It’s a visit to the newly named Adrian Flux Arena here in Norfolk.  Weather wise this is typical February fare, damp and windy, and a little chill but as normal this never deters the faithful from turning out in force to drift away the blues of the normal working day.  All were out again to hone their skills on the hallowed concrete, and to thrill the crowd with their antics as well as passenger rides which if you have experienced here in Kings Lynn will prove to you what an expertly run and maintained track and staff this truly provides.  The faces of the passengers always raises a smile on my face as well as those who partake in the trip.

It was planned that I take my part in these events back to basics, but like great ideas of all men this rarely happens and this time was no exception, but I planned to expand on my photography skill set to hope in order to get this websites following up to where I need it to be and hope that it provides the same feeling of fulfilment that it gives me.

With that in mind I still gathered the usual memory card full of hijinks that only this place can provide.  The smiles and sheer enjoyment from the drivers and passengers  is always evident here in Norfolk and I hope that it long continues.  This year is its 10th anniversary and will be truly celebrated on the 4th July with its weekender this year dedicated to another true hero of Norfolk, Mark Callf.  I can only say that I am honoured to have known this gentleman in my short career here, but it has been a blast.  I recently told this photographer that it was him I wanted to emulate, but I feel that he didn`t really believe me, and if he does read this blog then I want to confirm that it was his photos that wanted me to push the envelope.

Thank you Mark Callf for the untold history of what has been a short liaison but a memorable one.


Back to the event, cars, smoke and what is always a show.  All the regulars were in attendance, the staff, the drivers and all the spectators.  New faces are always welcome and encouraged here at the Norfolk Arena Drift Team.  Its always great to see the drivers, spectators and passengers having that first experience of the sideways lifestyle that we all follow in the drift scene. I can`t say the event was incident free but then that’s all part of the package that makes it so complete.  This helps the drivers and staff bind to make the days enjoyable and unforgettable.


As you can see we have all the bases covered with automobiles from the BMW brigade to the Jaguar and the Jap followers.  All will light the tyres and a moments notice and all will drive to the full extent of their chosen ride.  I only hope I can show you what I see in all these people and I portray an image that will want you all to follow this website and the NADT.


Above is a old timer of the Norfolk scene even though he is still young, Lewis Cracknell. A past BDC driver and still when he steps back in a car the smiles return.

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Thanks for looking in.


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