Classic Modified Swaffham Raceway Opening Season


The season opener is here for the Classic Modified Series at the Racequip Raceway in Swaffham.  It was a warm and sunny day(strange I know) on track for the  starting of this years season.  The crowd and track looked inviting and the grid was full of familiar faces, including the new owner of the Anglia. Simon Roose has joined the seasoned competitors this year in a well know automobile at this track, looking to show what he can do. This was oval racing Simon not drifting  but all the same well done for the first batch of races  and welcome to bunh of guys who really know how to entertain.


This years grid fills up as follows.

The above Ford  Anglia is driven by Simon Roose.

Jim Jinks – Ford Capri Mk2


Malcolm “Fozzy” Foskett – Ford Cortina Mk1


Robert Skipper – Triumph Stag


Simon Fixter – Ford Mustang


Mark Pointer – Volkswagon Beetle

8SC_0081 copy

Buster – Triumph Herald


Results stand thus:

Heat 1–  Mark Pointer

Heat 2 – Malcom Foskett

Heat 3 – Malcolm Foskett

Final – Jim Jinks

Heated driving, tail-gating and all the other descriptions that go hand in hand with these guys. It cannot be denied that they don`t give it their all.  From the pace car things look peaceful but don`t let that deceive you. When the flag drops it is race time. They are all friends at the end of the day, but all are obstacles on the track during the race.  Its like all motorsport, the winner prevails, but fun and safety are always relavent in these races.  Each car is similar in its setup, V6 engine and wide tyres but each driver is unique.  Some are true to their racing line others draft, but the majority race their hardest.  To be honest that’s all that the formula needs and is.

If anyone  wants to see these guys in action get to the Swaffham Raceway on the below dates and check it out for yourself, you won`t be disappointed.



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