NADT Practice Day v2.0 March 2015

The months pass and the weather is a constant reminder of that.  It is ever hopeful that it sets the standard to the day of Norfolk grassroot drifting.  Showings its dedication to the motorsport industry.  I talk about the stadium as a living, breathing, evolving entity for that is truly what it is.  Its ever improving identity is a breath of fresh (dusty) air that its owners are always proud of.  Whether the four-wheeled variety or just two, the stadium goes from strength to strength.  We say that the drivers are the heros on the track but the arena also must come under that status, for it is with its management and staff that t evolves at a rate that others struggle to keep up with.


Track time was at its peak this time, all the drivers got maximum seat time.  With an increase in laps and dry conditions comes an increase with tyre wastage.  This time round the blowouts were  abound, but this never ever deters the guys and gals from maximum enjoyment. Lots of new faces and old were in attendance with new and old vehicles, some I have to say looked like they were straight of the street.


This nice 350z was indeed sideways for the day, looking straight out of the dealers, ok with a slight wheel change, but never the less, it was full chat all day.

Drift-swich were in attendance proving their worth as always , twinning, tripling and trains seem to be the days business. Just a pity I missed the action, but it is now on my to-do list constantly as they never fail to show their worth.


Others just seem to drive their hearts out or cars whichever gave out first. Regulars like Richard Beesley were ever present in the Cossie Conversion, a four door to a two door with slight help from an Escort.


When the dust settles and the track closes for the day we can all say its a pleasure NADT for the time spent and work helping and teaching others. My lessons, well that’s another story, round and around so far and a few figure eights thrown for good measure.  Long may it continue.



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